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AutoClutch  -  Give your left leg a holiday!






If you like the idea of an automatic but want the control and economy of a manual, then AutoClutch is the answer.

AutoClutch is a clever device that does all the work that your left leg would do. No more clutch pumping in town or on the open road. “God bless the inventor” said one of our customers.


AutoClutch is operated by means of a push button switch in the gear knob and by the brake pedal.Autoclutch enables you to change gear without pressing the clutch pedal and is a product which will enhance the usefulness of your manual transmission motorhome by adding the functionality of an automatic clutch system. The system may be installed into the motorhome you already own. It's an automatic clutch operating system using the existing clutch pedal and linkage. Auto Clutch lets you change gear without having to operate the clutch pedal with your foot completely automatic and with high precision. You only have to operate the accelerator and brake pedals in combination with your gear lever.


Auto Clutch is the perfect solution for drivers who spend much time in heavy congested city traffic. Also for the motorists who frequently end up in traffic jams.Thanks to AutoClutch the everlasting engaging and disengaging of the clutch pedal belongs to the past.


Click on the video below to see how it works....

Ideal for those suffering with leg and back problems.  Approved by Motability and used by the AA, British Gas and many hundreds of satisfied customers.


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